WA23 - Pneumatic Indent Crimp Tool M22520/23-01


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  • Qualified to AS22520/23*

Qualified to AS22520/23*, DMC’s heavy pneumatic indent crimp tool functions with the push of a button for operator ease. This heavy duty crimp tool accommodates large size contacts 8 through 0000 (AWG) and operates on standard 90–125 psi (5.4–8.16 BAR) shop air sources.

It is engineered with the operator’s safety in mind and features a full cycle control system. This tool is portable and needs no extra booster for large size contacts.

The standard die assembly and positioner are easily interchangeable with no special tool required.  Custom dies and positioners may be designed to specific requirements.

Optional foot Pedal: WA23FP

Portable Hydraulic Equivalent:  HD23

Specification Value
Shipping Weight 23.0 LBS
Military Part Number M22520/23-01
National Stocking Number 5120009321518


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