US114TA-3 - Standard Output Alligator-type Compression Riveter (Tandem)

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These silent alligator-type compression riveters are excellent for many assembly operations - used in aircraft, automotive, truck,bus components, boats, metal furniture, toys, electronic chassis and appliance assembly.

  • Rivet capacity Alum : 1/8"
  • Rivet capacity Steel : 3/32"
  • Force in lbs. : 3,400
  • Reach : 3"
  • Max Travel : 1 1/4"
  • Product Features
    • Tandem Cylinder Doubles Compression Force Available From Tool
    • Rolling cam and wedge assembly greatly multiplies compression force of piston.
    • "Squeeze" action permits easy control, exceptional accuracy and uniformity.
    • Speed of squeeze riveter can be controlled by throttle.
    • Swivel air inlet aids maneuverability.
    • Develops full squeezing force with only 90 P.S.I. air pressure


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