SCT203 - Pre-set Tension, Hand Operated, Safe-T-Cable Application Tool with 3 Inch Nose for .022 Safe-T-Cable


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Pre-Set Tension, Hand Operated, Safe-T-Cable Application Tool with 3 inch nose for .020 Safe-T-Cable.

In some factories where control of tool adjustments are not possible, where the skill level is minimal, or appli­cations where a single-handed operation of the tool is desirable, the SCT Series Application Tool may be the best choice. All tools in this series feature a tension mechanism, which allows ­single-handed use of the tool (after the cable is threaded through and into the tool). Multiple actuations of the tool handle will draw the cable into the tool until all slack is removed from the cable.

When the tool senses the correct tension (pre-set at the ­factory), it will shift into the crimp-cut mode, and complete the installation of the Safe-T-Cable® on the next closure of the handle. It's as simple as that.

Application tool for Safe-T-Cable that meets AS3509, AS3510, AS3655, AS4536, AS567

Specification Value
Shipping Weight 1.5 LBS


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