DRK276-16 - Metal-probe Unwired or Broken Contact Removal Tool, Size 16


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  • M81969/30-12M

Metal-Probe Unwired Contact  & Broken Wire Removal Tools

When a wire breaks inside the connector the remaining wire strands can damage the plastic tips of DMC’s standard unwired contact removal tools. To solve this problem, DMC engineered the DRK276 series of metal tip removal tools for removing broken wire contacts.

Instead of different colored  probes and bands, the DRK276 series removal tools have different colored tool bodies to help distinguish between tip sizes.

Probe Size:  16
Body Color:  Blue
For Connector Series:  MIL-DTL-38999, Series 1 - 4

Specification Value
Shipping Weight 0.1 LBS
Military Part Number M81969/30-12M


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