DIPB3/32X3/8-TA-010 - 3/32” (0.0937) Pilot Bonding Brush

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Stainless steel brushes designed to remove corrosion, paint and other contaminants from rivet hole area. Assures positive electrical contact it eliminate static electricity. Made with special ring to provide a more rigid surface area. These brushes are used primarly for aircraft assembly and in the aerospace industry. Made in USA.

Pilot Diameter Fractional: 3/32” (0.0937)

Brush Diameter Fractional: 3/8” (0.375)

Pilot Diameter Metric: 2.38 mm

Brush Diameter Metric: 9.525 mm

Wire Diameter: 0.010

Shank Type: Threaded Shank Aircraft Style A, Thread Relief


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