BT-S-550 - 24 Piece Adaptor Jaw Set for BT-VS-500


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JAW SETS (Requires BT-VS-500 Vise Sold Seperately):

A set of jaws is designed to accommodate diameters from .375″ to 3.00″ (3/8″ to 3″), within six different jaw sizes. This provides for flexibility of application; the same system can be used for most or all of the circular connectors and accessories in a cable assembly operation.

Jaws are available in two gripping widths:  .400″ and 1.000″. The narrow jaws allow access to accessories which are smaller in diameter than adjacent components, whereas the wider jaws allow for a large grip area when higher torque values are required.

Jaws are made from high-friction material which will not damage connectors or accessories, yet will provide sufficient grip for most operations.

Prevents deformation of circular connectors and accessories by applying holding pressure evenly at four points on the circumference. That is, the jaws apply a force radially at four points equally spaced around the circumference such that the circular part readily accepts it without deformation.

If the force is applied on opposite sides (only two pressure points), the circular part will tend to collapse, and this will produce false torque readings because of increased friction between the components where the threads have been forced together.

A square drive on the thread handle allows the use of a torque device to minimize the possibility of overtightening. The position of the jaw inserts in the vise can be changed to hold the work in the most convenient location for assembly.

The jaw inserts come packaged in a convenient metal container which keeps them clean, orderly and readily available for use. Instructions are also provided for their proper use. There are twelve pairs of jaw inserts in the container which accommodate diameters from 3/8″ to 3″. 

Jaw Size 1 for diameters .375 to .531 inches
Jaw Size 2 for diameters .531 to .812 inches
Jaw Size 3 for diameters .812 to 1.063 inches
Jaw Size 4 for diameters 1.063 to 1.375 inches
Jaw Size 5 for diameters 1.375 to 1.690 inches
Jaw Size 6 for diameters 1.690 to 2.030 inches

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