BT-J-125AL - Aluminum Jam Nut Socket


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Aluminum Jam Nut Socket

The correct application of torque is essential to most connector applications where Jam Nut receptacle connectors are used.  The sealing components (usually an "O" ring) must be compressed, but not to the point of damage.  Another consideration when tightening Jam Nuts is the thread strength.  This is extremely important in the various types of aluminum and composite connectors.

DMC Jam Nut Socket tools have been developed specially for the installation of Jam Nut receptacle connectors.  They are available in a versatile composite construction which is an excellent choice for OEM assembly areas due to their light weight, and the non-marking surfaces, a durable machined aluminum series and the traditional "General Purpose" formed steel socket for non-torque specific applications.

When a metal socket is required, the anodized aluminum series jam nut sockets are a good choice.  They are machined to the same configuration as the composite jam nut sockets with the square hold drive for torquing.

Fits Jam Nut Size (inches):  .791 - .818
Fits Jam Nut Size (mm):  20.09 - 20.77
Square Drive (inches):  1/4
Outside Diameter Reference (inches):  1.16

Specification Value
Shipping Weight 0.15 LBS


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