8738 0000 6 - 4/8 indent crimping tool SelectorCrimp (32 - 12 AWG) According to M22520/2-01 | AS22520/2-01 (AFM8)

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  • Special hand tool for crimping turned male and female contacts
  • Indenter geometry according to AS/MIL 22520/7-01, AS/MIL 22520/2-01 and AS/MIL 22520/1-01
  • Relevant crimp depth set by an 8-position selector
  • Selector setting according to MIL
  • Single locators and multi-pin locators are available
  • Existing turrets fit the tool
  • Go- Nogo gauge for accurate calibration according to AS/MIL 22520/3-03 and AS/MIL 22520/3-01 standard available
  • Forced locking system and synchronous drive of indenters for highly reliable crimp connections
  • Optimized opening width, ergonomic design, and reduced hand force
  • Approval for aviation after successful qualification through Airbus SAS
Advantages: Adapter ring enables the use of AS/MIL 22520/7-01, AS/MIL 22520/2-01positioners. MIL positioner


According to Description



8738 0000 6

M22520/2-01 | AS22520/2-01 Tool without Locator with Go-Nogo gauges

AWG 32-20 (similar to 0.03-0.56 SQ-MM)

Turned Contact
Finish Chrome Plated
Handles Two-Component
Length 6 7/8"
Weight 1.9 lbs


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