60101120 - RB43/RB40/RB44 Series Compression Riveter- Alligator Jaw Type

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  • Smooth controlled throttle movement for fast and slow approach.
  • Equipped with a safety throttle lever.
  • Standard Alligator Jaws - Special Versions Available
  • The operator can adjust exactly the position of the rivet by adjusting the snap holder (stroke 5 mm/0.12"). This allows the operator to use the same rivet set for different thicknesses.
  • Different force/capacity options to suit the specific riveting requirements
  • Select Rivet Set from:- RB 400 for countersink rivets RB 401 for universal head type rivets RB 402 for special reduced universal head rivets
  • To develop maximum power the riveter must squeeze the rivet near to the end of the riveting stroke. Therefore, the combined length of the two rivets sets must be correct.
  • Determine the correct length of rivet sets as shown.
Model: 60101120
River Squeezer Set Shank Dia: Std diameter 3/16"
Maximum Force At 6.3 Bar/90 Psi: 1.8T 3970 lbs
Reach: 85mm 3.35 in
Gap: 2.16 in
Max Travel: 1.93 in
Weight: 6.8 lbs
Length: 15.4 in
Accessories: Select Rivet Set from:-RB 400 for countersink rivetsRB 401 for universal head type rivetsRB 402 for special reduced universal head rivets
Jaws: Standard Alligator JawsSpecial Versions Available
Snap Holder Adj.: 0.2 in


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