10015200W - RB 257 Microstop Cage

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  • Different mounting bases available
  • For composites mounting base with vacuum
  • High precision microstop cage, body in heat treated chrome steel, fully ground throughout. This ball mounted microstop cage includes two needle bearings for best utilisation.
  • When using the RB 257, any misalignment of the microstop cage is corrected by the unique ball pivoting spindle. This assembly ensures perpendicularity throughout the operation at all time.
  • Centring cone of the cutter (120°) for perfect concentricity.
  • Microstop depth adjustment (1 scale division = .001”).
  • Microstop depth setting is held securely in place by locknut with seal. This patented feature allows an easy loosening of the locknut without damage to the drill cage.
Model: 10015200W
Weight: 0.364 lbs
Cutter Thread: M6 x 1


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