MYA-5.0 - Burraway Type MA Deburring Tool - Hole Size 5.0 mm

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Burraway tools suit a variety of machines from manual to CNC – and can even be used in a hand-drill with excellent results.

They are available in a range of inch and metric sizes ranging from 0.093” (3/32”) to 2 inches or from 2mm to 50mm as standard, and a range of standard sizes for both inch and metric sizes and an assortment of blades are in stock.

The Burraway tools feature an inexpensive, replaceable cutting blade which adjusts to control the amount of edge break and can be easily replaced within a few seconds. A range of cutting-edge geometry options to suit different materials are offered, and as standard, tools are supplied already fitted with a double acting blade. The crowned and polished top surface of the blade will not mar the inside surface of the hole.

Supporting a simple method for easily adjustable cutting pressure, the corresponding adjustment screws, will match according to the tool as covered by our inch and metric programs.

Hole Size 5.0 mm
Dimension A 103.40 mm
Dimension B 18.30 mm
Dimension C 11.20 mm


Blade Number YA-DAP-3/16
Arbor Number MYA-5.0-D01
Arbor Assembly Number MYA-5.0-ARB
Plunger Number YA-01875-D04
Spring Number YA-1-D05
Adapter Number MYA-AA


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