Tool Kits l Deluxe Student Tool Kit

Part No: TP176ST
(includes TP83 rivet gun)
Part No: TP176ST-4
(includes TP84 rivet gun)
13.4 lbs.
This kit meets most school requirements for basic sheet metal tools. These high quality tools will take the student through school and into the profession for years of outstanding service.
• Contains one of our most popular rivet guns, TP83 or TP84 which
• Precision machined hardened and ground valve
• “Sure Grip” powder coated finish
• Teasing trigger
• Precision machined and hardened cylinder for long life

This 58 piece kit includes:
1 TP83/TP84: 3X or 4X offset handle rivet gun
1 TP97: air tool regulator
1 A1006-234X: beehive spring retainer
1 A1007-234X: quick change spring Retainer
1 TP89i: 5 pc. straight rivet set mix (AN470) (Includes: 1 flush set of 5 .401 shank SM10 series, straight 3/32" through 3/16" with pouch)
1 TP670: bucking bar
1 TP346: rivet cutter
1 TP74: cleco pliers
40 TP75: cleco fasteners (10 ea.: 3/32, 1/8, 5/32, 3/16)
1 TP45: 3/8" air drill
6 TP49: drill bits
1 TP145DSK: 4 pc. drill stop kit
1 TP61K: micro stop countersink & 3 cutters (1 ea.: TP61, TP62-21, 30, 40 & storage tube)
1 TP279: military style tool pouch