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Part No: TP176RV
(includes TP83 rivet gun)
Part No: TP176RV- 2
(includes TP82 rivet gun)
Part No: TP176RV- 4
(includes TP84 rivet gun)
40 lbs.
Initially designed for the RV3, RV4 and RV6 builders, this new kit has proven to be very popular with virtually all aircraft kit builders.
• Contains one of our most popular rivet guns, TP82, TP83 or TP84 which features:
• Precision machined hardened and ground valve
• “Sure Grip” powder coated finish
• Teasing trigger
• Precision machined and hardened cylinder for long life

This 536 piece kit includes:
1 TP82/ TP83/TP84: 2X, 3X or 4X offset handle rivet gun
1 TP89i: straight rivet set (Includes: 1 flush set of 5 .401 shank SM10 series, straight 3/32" through 3/16" with pouch)
1 TP90i: 10˚ offset rivet sets (Includes: Set of 5 .401 shank SM20 series, straight 3/32" through 1/4" with pouch)
1 TP91i: flush rivet set with rubber Guard
1 TP88: beehive and quick change retainer springs


1 TP97: air tool regulator
1 TP96: rivet cutter
1 TP61: micro stop countersink
1 TP116: hand rivet squeezer
1 TP4263: dimple and die set
1 TP4264: dimple and die set
1 TP116A: squeezer set mix
1 TP45: 3/8" air drill
1 TP162: fluting pliers
3 TP62: countersink cutter pilots (1 ea.: TP62-21, TP62-30, TP62-40)
500 TP75 cleco fasteners: (325 pcs. TP75-3/32 & 175 pcs. TP75-1/8)
1 TP74: cleco pliers


1 TP44: hand seamer
1 TP266: deburring tool
1 TP638: bucking bar
1 TP647: bucking bar
1 TP670: bucking bar
1 TP1112: bucking bar
1 TP216: tool box with tote tray
3 TP49-12: jobber length drill bits
3 TP49-28: jobber length drill bits