Tool Kits l Master Kit Builder's kit


Part No: TP176MKB
(includes TP83 rivet gun)
Part No: TP176MKB-2
(includes TP82 rivet gun)
Part No: TP176MKB-4
(includes TP84 rivet gun)]
50 lbs.
The Master Kit Builders Kit contains all the tools supplied in the “Kit Builders” tool kit plus many more. It is designed  to supply all the major, most commonly used tools for the building of sheet metal aircraft. These items can be used on RV’s, Zenair, Questair and Mustang Aeronautic kits as well as many, many others. A huge savings can be realized by purchasing this kit over the individual tool prices.
• Contains one of our most popular rivet guns, TP82, TP83, or TP84 which features:
• Precision machined hardened and ground valve
• “Sure Grip” powder coated finish
• Teasing trigger
• Precision machined and hardened cylinder for long life

This 562 piece kit includes:
1 TP82/TP83/ TP84: 2X, 3X or 4X offset handle rivet gun
1 TP89i:  straight rivet set (Includes: 1 flush set of 5 .401 shank SM10 series, straight 3/32" through 3/16" with pouch)
1 TP90i: 10˚ offset rivet sets (Includes: Set of 5 .401 shank SM20 series, straight 3/32" through 1/4" with pouch)
1 TP91: flush rivet set with rubber guard
1 TP88: beehive and quick change retainer springs
1 TP97: air tool regulator
1 TP96: rivet cutter


1 TP45: 3/8" air drill
1 TP722: fluting pliers
1 TP61: micro stop countersink
3 TP62: countersink cutter pilots (1 ea.: TP62-21, TP62-30, TP62-40)
500 TP75: cleco fasteners (325 pcs. TP75-3/32 & 175 pcs. TP75-1/8)
1 TP74: cleco pliers
1 TP44: hand seamer
1 TP266: deburring tool
1 TP638: bucking bar
1 TP647: bucking bar
1 TP670: bucking bar
1 TP1112: bucking bar
1 TP51: aviation snip - right
1 TP52: aviation snip - left
1 TP53: aviation snip – straight


1 TP844: swivel hand pop riveter
1 TP636: 1/8" “pop” dimple die set
6 TP49-40: drill bit
4 TP49-30: drill bit
2 TP49-12: drill bit
1 TP49-1/4: drill bit
4 TP145DS: drill stops (#40, #30, #12, 1/4)
1 TP312: circle hole cutter
1 TP116: hand rivet squeezer
1 TP116A: rivet sets for TP116 (2 flush & 4 universal AN470 head)
1 TP4263: 3/32" dimple die set
1 TP4264: 1/8" dimple die set
1 TP722: fluting plier (small flute)
1 TP260: 2 Drawer Tool Box