Fastener Installation & Removal l Blind Rivet Tools l Power Units

Installation tooling for Blind Nuts and Blind Bolts requires a hand held hydraulic gun fitted with the proper size driving tools, and actuated by one of Hi-Shear’s portable hydraulic Power Units. Operated by factory air pressure of 90 PSI, these Power Units can be adjusted by the user to provide sustained pressure to the Guns, suitable to the individual settings required by each size Blind Nut or Blind Bolt. The Power Units are design-rated to 3000 PSI, and being activated by air pressure are non-sparking in operation, and can be safely used in flight ramp areas. These Units are suitable for factory or field use, are compact in size, mobile, and are built to precision standards. They are simple to operate, easy to maintain, and are constructed for rugged usage. A maintenance manual is furnished with each unit. As portable hydraulic power sources, these units can be adapted to other uses in addition to fastener installation.

For factory or field convenience, Driving Tool Kits are available which contain individual tools necessary to drive a variety of sizes of blind Nuts and Blind Bolts. These kits are packaged in metal boxes, ready to be attached to the caster equipped Power Units.

Hand installation tooling is also available for field service or limited use applications.